Getting high on demo

Yes, we know this isn’t the quickest or easiest way to Interlaken from Chalain. But it’s the most fun, which is what counts.


On top of the world!

It could be said that shorts and flipflops are unusual attire for the altitude, but as Keir pointed out, the Victorians used to do this sort of thing in long skirts, and it didn’t seem to do them any harm.


Summer sunshine … ??

Exciting times over on the Adriatic this week, when a violent storm hit the Venice strip, taking out trees, cars and mobile homes.

Marina di Venezia lost two tents, and the live unit on Union Lido is looking somewhat wonky, to say the least.

Site staff, couriers and maintenance have been working round the clock to fix the damage and clear up the mess, while Alison mans the phones in the office in a bid to rehouse the homeless and send imminent arrivals elsewhere.

Just what we all need in the middle of August!


Union Lido …. think it might need re-levelling.

IMG_3695 (003)

I want to complain about the Ents in my accommodation please ….

Area Supervisor Gail Fox had to eat her words following an earlier comment about being glad to see a bit of storm coming in to take the edge off the heat. Careful what you wish for there!

Fires close the motorway at Argeles

Forest fires close to Argeles shut the main A9 motorway from Perpignan down to Spain yesterday while firefighters tackled the blaze.

The fire started late in the afternoon, and by midnight had destroyed around 150 hectares or forest. Around 300 firefighters from as far afield as Narbonne and northern Spain were drafted in to fight the fire, which continued overnight.

The motorway reopened in the early hours of the morning, but firefighters remain at the scene.


Forest fires rage near Argeles



Storm forces evacuation

Drama overnight on Wednesday at Vieux Port, where customers were forced to leave their mobiles amid fears that the site’s trees would come down on top of them.

High winds brought several trees down, including one which landed on a camper van, narrowly missing the family of five under the awning, who were forced to flee for safety.

Around 1000 campers plus couriers from several companies were evacuated to the safety of the site’s animation hall at 21:30, where they had to stay until they were given the all-clear over five hours later.


Narrow escape for this family

Nearby Tohapi site Camping Lou Pignada, sister site to Vieux Port, also suffered damage when a tree fell on one of the site’s mobiles, but nobody was hurt.



Taps aff!

power hose

No, this is not what the power washer is for.

We seem to have an official canicule going on this week (heatwave, for the non-froggophones amongst you), prompting the NHS to issue fatuous advice like ‘don’t sit in the car with the windows up’ and ‘think about having a cold drink’. Because apparently if you sit in the car wearing a down jacket and swigging tomato soup from a flask on a day when it’s 34C outside, you’ll get a bit warm. Who knew??

Seriously though, it’s getting almost too hot to sustain human life in some places, so please make sure you’re wearing a hat and sunscreen, and remember to drink plenty of water while you’re out working on site.

The heat is also going to cane your fridges and aircon units, as customers crank everything up to the max, so it’s worth adding a quick ‘domestic appliances for beginners’ module to your show-in patter. So ..


  • Don’t turn it right down to 16C when it’s 34C outside, because it will never achieve that temperature and will just run and run until it breaks. 23C will do nicely.
  • Close your doors and windows – you are not trying to combat global warming single handedly (or you might be, but this is not the way to do it – think about just recycling your beer bottles like normal people)
  • Don’t go out and leave your aircon running all day – it needs a rest. It will only take five minutes to cool the mobile when you get back from the beach later on.

Not like this.

Fridges: those of you with tents on site will probably get this most, because they’re like little saunas during the day.

  • Don’t stuff your fridge full of shopping and then expect it to get cold straight away – it needs time, and the air needs space to circulate.
  • Don”t turn it up to seven in a bid to chill everything. There still isn’t enough space for the air to circulate and it will just ice up the freezer compartment. Leave it at three/four for optimum cooling.
  • Basically, you can’t put a week’s shopping for a family of four in the fridge all at once – either the cheese or the beer is going to have to come out of there!
Fridge o beer

This seems fine though.

Lots of your customers will not listen to this sage advice, because they’re on holiday and where’s the pool/bar/minigolf/nudist beach, what’s that silly courier doing wittering about the fridge, etc etc., go away and leave us to open the wine. But some of them will pay attention and it will save wear and tear on your aircon units. And let’s face it, none of us wants to be chasing around after aircon contractors when we could be drinking cold beers out of our well-organised fridges instead.