Vieux Port

Early season snagging

As a new season gets under way with frankly far too much rain so far, there are always a few snags to pick up.

Mobile home installers at Vieux Port clearly didn’t try opening the door before they blocked this mobile and plumbed it in. Skinny customers only please!

VP bad installation

Also on VP, the new gas delivery driver got a bit confused and left the gas bottles in entirely the wrong place – just as well the team’s trusty buggy had been delivered on time.

Senior courier James Kerr’s verdict on all of this …..

James thumbs down.jpg


Ageing hippy in Switzerland

Happy birthday this week to former Vieux Port courier Keir Murphy-Anderson, seen here celebrating with a day off and a small beer.


Oh come on, push the boat out – have a large one.

Keir left his west coast colleagues to fend for themselves and joined the Area 3 demo team, a decision he may regret if it gets any colder up here in the hills.

HB Keir!

Happy birthday! #3

HBBonne anniversaire en français today to James at Vieux Port, in recognition of his impressive perseverance in learning French. Has to be the only courier in the programme who finishes a hard day’s cleaning and then settles down for an exciting evening with a few verb tables. Getting plenty of practice in the lingo over there this season with their 50+ Tohapi arrivals every Saturday.

HB James!


Dream team

Not quite certain how much actual work goes on at Vieux Port (as Kate at Sirene pointed out, they all look suspiciously clean), but everyone seems to be having fun, at any rate. Big welcome to Keir (familiar to some of you from montage), joining the team for high season, after half a summer spent frightening innocent dog-walkers in the Esterel hills.


Dream ….. or hideous nightmare? You choose!

Storm forces evacuation

Drama overnight on Wednesday at Vieux Port, where customers were forced to leave their mobiles amid fears that the site’s trees would come down on top of them.

High winds brought several trees down, including one which landed on a camper van, narrowly missing the family of five under the awning, who were forced to flee for safety.

Around 1000 campers plus couriers from several companies were evacuated to the safety of the site’s animation hall at 21:30, where they had to stay until they were given the all-clear over five hours later.


Narrow escape for this family

Nearby Tohapi site Camping Lou Pignada, sister site to Vieux Port, also suffered damage when a tree fell on one of the site’s mobiles, but nobody was hurt.



Countdown to Christmas

The annual Courier Christmas bunfight is being taken seriously over on the west coast, to the extent that they’re doing dry run practice meals the week beforehand. Good effort there from Vieux Port, with a fine stab at gravy, but I’d have to mark it down on lack of sprouts. And where’s the stuffing?


Nice try, but requires more trimmings, we say. 3/5.