New team, new wheels

The new courier team at Chalain are bringing fresh ideas to the question of what constitutes suitable on-site transport. Can’t imagine why we didn’t think of issuing everyone with Disney themed scooters before.


Bikes are so last season, don’t you know.


Gas bottle change? To the rescue!!

Lots of Canvas experience on Chalain, with Lucy and Robbie switching sides from customer to courier, while Kirsty comes from a committed camping family – her parents were Canvas couriers back in the olden days when it was all about tents, hammocks and drinking red wine out of teapots (don’t ask).


Slightly Baywatch vibe going on there.


Not the Tour de France

On-site transport is one thing which hasn’t moved on all that much since your Newsblog correspondent first got entangled in the whacky world of camping, back in the jurassic era.

It’s true that modern courier bikes come in fancy colours and boast needless fripperies like gears and actual brake pads, but when you come down to basics it’s still old-fashioned pedal power.


New steeds for the Argeles ladies. No leaving them outside the tapas bar, mind.


Only on the Côte d’Azur

Campers turn up in ever more expensive vehicles in this newfangled world of on-site spas, full-on water parks and multi storey Safari tents. But only at St Tropez would you expect to see a Ferrari in a bag parked outside next door’s mobile.


Those tailor made wing mirror pockets must make it a bugger to get on and off.

He could have bought a camper and gone on holiday for five years on that sort of money.