Senior Courier

Onwards and upwards!


Barely into high season out here in the field, but already Recruitment and Welfare are busy looking at staffing for 2018.

Reapplications will opening at the end of September, a bit later than usual in order to give us time to get up a new recruitment website up and running. Deadline for re-apps will be December 1st, so plenty of time there to think about your site preferences.

Following this year’s busy summer, it seems likely that we’ll be looking for more senior couriers and team leaders across the programme, so Lois and Alison are particularly keen to hear from anyone interested in this kind of progression. Seniors can find themselves in charge of teams ranging from three or four couriers, up to the small armies of staff we see on the likes of Berny or Duinrell.

If you’re ready to set your sights higher than that, we may also be looking to fill area manager positions in France, Spain and Italy. These are challenging roles in multi-site management, requiring resourceful individuals with great organisational skills and the ability to lead teams on montage and demo.

Interviews for senior courier, site manager and area manager positions will be held in November, so anyone interested in these roles should get applications in as soon as possible after the process starts in September. Meanwhile, detailed job descriptions are available from R&W for all of these positions.


Guarantee you won’t have to wear a suit though – phew.