Birthday surprise!

Clarys courier Amber Wing was looking forward to celebrating her 21st birthday by cleaning a few mobiles, followed by greeting the odd arrival in the afternoon.

But the family had other ideas, and booked a sneaky surprise weekend on site, getting in under the radar by going with Eurocamp.



Mum, Dad, Nan and sisters all rolled up first thing in the morning having driven overnight from home in the south of England – far too early to get into their mobile, but does this really matter when the bar’s open?


Hmmm …. can this be called correct uniform?

HB Amber!


Mouse mystery

Looks like Interlaken courier Tony Burchill’s patent pest control methods have caught on if this sign spotted in lodge reception at Berny is anything to go by.

Have to hope the Interlaken infestation has run its course though – your Newsblog reporter had the definite impression that a certain sense of humour failure was setting in after the 300th ex-rodent.

Ageing hippy in Switzerland

Happy birthday this week to former Vieux Port courier Keir Murphy-Anderson, seen here celebrating with a day off and a small beer.


Oh come on, push the boat out – have a large one.

Keir left his west coast colleagues to fend for themselves and joined the Area 3 demo team, a decision he may regret if it gets any colder up here in the hills.

HB Keir!

Return of the prodigal

Lois 1Huge welcome back to the office to the lovely Lois, beavering away in R&W once more after maternity leave following the birth of her second sproglet. Ruan joins big sister Livia and dad Gavin to bring the McPhillips family up to a traditional four.

Lois has already been back in the fray for nearly a month, working with Jim and Alison to recruit new staff, hold the fort on weekends, and answer your many and varied questions regarding the weird and wonderful world of camping.

Missed you, Lois!