Return of the prodigal

Lois 1Huge welcome back to the office to the lovely Lois, beavering away in R&W once more after maternity leave following the birth of her second sproglet. Ruan joins big sister Livia and dad Gavin to bring the McPhillips family up to a traditional four.

Lois has already been back in the fray for nearly a month, working with Jim and Alison to recruit new staff, hold the fort on weekends, and answer your many and varied questions regarding the weird and wonderful world of camping.

Missed you, Lois!


Catch the pigeon

Linen Queen and office birdwatcher Imogen Lansley snapped this picture of a family of pigeons nesting in a tree in the head office back garden.


Pigeon happy families, cute.

Imo maintains that she dislikes pigeons, but Newsblog sees no justification for this kind of avian prejudice. What do you want in Dunfermline, albatrosses?