Luxury accommodation

Staff live accommodation continues to move on from the old school tent behind the rubbish bins experience we were all used to in the olden days.

Here we have the new and improved pad at La Baume on the Cote d’Azur, complete with private deck, fencing and ensuite gazebo. Ritzy.


Newsblog hears as yet unconfirmed rumours that Sirene’s infamous gravel pit has received a facelift over the winter as well, but photographic evidence has not as yet been forthcoming – watch this space!


Getting high on demo

Yes, we know this isn’t the quickest or easiest way to Interlaken from Chalain. But it’s the most fun, which is what counts.


On top of the world!

It could be said that shorts and flipflops are unusual attire for the altitude, but as Keir pointed out, the Victorians used to do this sort of thing in long skirts, and it didn’t seem to do them any harm.

Summer sunshine … ??

Exciting times over on the Adriatic this week, when a violent storm hit the Venice strip, taking out trees, cars and mobile homes.

Marina di Venezia lost two tents, and the live unit on Union Lido is looking somewhat wonky, to say the least.

Site staff, couriers and maintenance have been working round the clock to fix the damage and clear up the mess, while Alison mans the phones in the office in a bid to rehouse the homeless and send imminent arrivals elsewhere.

Just what we all need in the middle of August!


Union Lido …. think it might need re-levelling.

IMG_3695 (003)

I want to complain about the Ents in my accommodation please ….

Area Supervisor Gail Fox had to eat her words following an earlier comment about being glad to see a bit of storm coming in to take the edge off the heat. Careful what you wish for there!

Return of the prodigal

Lois 1Huge welcome back to the office to the lovely Lois, beavering away in R&W once more after maternity leave following the birth of her second sproglet. Ruan joins big sister Livia and dad Gavin to bring the McPhillips family up to a traditional four.

Lois has already been back in the fray for nearly a month, working with Jim and Alison to recruit new staff, hold the fort on weekends, and answer your many and varied questions regarding the weird and wonderful world of camping.

Missed you, Lois!

Not the monthly newsletter

Hi everyone, and welcome to the new AM3 newsblog. Normally you’d expect to get a monthly news update from the recruitment and welfare team in the office, but with Jim off sick and Tracey departing for pastures new, R&W at the moment consists of Alison and ……….. err ………………. Alison. Which means she’s going to have a hard time getting a newsletter out as well as fielding questions, recruiting high season staff, moving customers about and making tea for Simon and Richie.

This being the case, I am staging a coup and writing it myself. Expect practical information, general updates, whatever gossip anyone tells me about, and pictures whenever I remember to take any. And feel free to send me news and pictures of your own. There might even be prizes for the best ones. But nothing too rude please, this is a family publication (yes I am looking at you James Kerr).