new faces

New team, new wheels

The new courier team at Chalain are bringing fresh ideas to the question of what constitutes suitable on-site transport. Can’t imagine why we didn’t think of issuing everyone with Disney themed scooters before.


Bikes are so last season, don’t you know.


Gas bottle change? To the rescue!!

Lots of Canvas experience on Chalain, with Lucy and Robbie switching sides from customer to courier, while Kirsty comes from a committed camping family – her parents were Canvas couriers back in the olden days when it was all about tents, hammocks and drinking red wine out of teapots (don’t ask).


Slightly Baywatch vibe going on there.


Extra hedgehog!

Welcome on board this week to Will, newly arrived to join the growing team at Beach Garden.


Oops, best get the man some clothes.

Will brings five years experience of working in a pub and b&b, where he did everything from cleaning toilets to cooking breakfast (with a hand-washing stop on the way, one hopes). Sounds like the ideal courier background.

Dream team

Not quite certain how much actual work goes on at Vieux Port (as Kate at Sirene pointed out, they all look suspiciously clean), but everyone seems to be having fun, at any rate. Big welcome to Keir (familiar to some of you from montage), joining the team for high season, after half a summer spent frightening innocent dog-walkers in the Esterel hills.


Dream ….. or hideous nightmare? You choose!