Summer sunshine … ??

Exciting times over on the Adriatic this week, when a violent storm hit the Venice strip, taking out trees, cars and mobile homes.

Marina di Venezia lost two tents, and the live unit on Union Lido is looking somewhat wonky, to say the least.

Site staff, couriers and maintenance have been working round the clock to fix the damage and clear up the mess, while Alison mans the phones in the office in a bid to rehouse the homeless and send imminent arrivals elsewhere.

Just what we all need in the middle of August!


Union Lido …. think it might need re-levelling.

IMG_3695 (003)

I want to complain about the Ents in my accommodation please ….

Area Supervisor Gail Fox had to eat her words following an earlier comment about being glad to see a bit of storm coming in to take the edge off the heat. Careful what you wish for there!


Happy birthday #4

Buon compleanno to Italy’s Supreme Over-Generalissimo Richie Devaney, seen here celebrating in the office with ….. something.


Errr …. Yule log? Giant roasted caterpillar?

Whatever it is, it’s not all going to fit in there at once.


HB, Richie!

Campsite reception or Terminal 4 arrivals?

Last time your Newsblog correspondent had anything to do with Lake Garda’s Altomincio site was on montage 2015, at which point reception was a straw hut shared with Eurocamp. What happened there?


Seriously, this really can’t be called camping.

‘Like an airport, but serves better coffee’, according to the site’s single courier Paul Gormley.