New for 2018!

We are delighted to announce the roll-out across the programme of our new ensuite llama service, on trial this season at Château de Boisson in the Ardeche.


Don’t shout, they’ll all want one

Llamas will be a bookable extra on certain sites, and supply will be limited, so customers are advised to book well in advance in order to avoid disappointment.

Future seasons could see the service extended to include armadillos, capybaras and the occasional aardvark, while sites with In2Action will offer komodo dragons and velociraptors during high season.


Another season? Oh go on then.

A warm welcome back to Argeles to former Sirene In2Actioner Kasia, back with Canvas this time, and now at next-door Soleil following a transfer from Spain. A bold move there, swapping pirate parties and water games for scrubbing barbecues and changing light bulbs!