Holiday Marina

Gardeners’ question time

Confirmation today that courier live emplacements offer a higher standard of living than your Newsblog correspondent’s actual house, with gardens outside every other live mobile. Really, some of us barely have space for a geranium.

Most of our gardeners have gone for the practical vegetable patch approach, though if this is in a bid to supplement wages with home grown produce, you’re probably out of luck – John and Julie at Holiday Marina reckon you’d be lucky to break even once you’ve bought pots, plants and compost. Still, you do get the benefit of fresh organic veggies, with the occasional free-range slug for bonus protein.

Château de Boisson have gone largely for tomatoes as usual, though Heather professes to be a bit disappointed with yield this season, blaming early hot weather.


Looks like decent tomatoes to me.

Beach Garden have branched out into aubergines and courgettes as well as tomatoes, generating most of the ingredients for a decent ratatouille.


Impressive aubergines at Beach Garden ….


….. and the rest of the ratatouille. Nice tomatoes.

The award for Most Productive Allotment has to go to Holiday Marina, where John and Julie have managed a crop of actual potatoes on top of the usual mediterranean veg, as well as at least one melon and what looked like a year’s supply of chillies. They also stand to score for a fine crop of wild blackberries, though the body armour needed to harvest them safely could add substantially to the general gardening overhead.


Holiday Marina’s market garden


Nice melons!!! Sorry, childish innuendo.

Meantime, Cat and Kate at Sirene have ditched this practical approach, and gone largely for the hippy wildflower garden vibe, combined with what can only be described as a touch of trailer park chic, using a velour-upholstered massage chair vultured (er sorry, recycled) from the tip next door as a centrepiece.


Team Sirene – a unique approach to courier horticulture.

Newsblog, meanwhile, hasn’t managed anything more spectacular than a couple of pots of rather meagre geraniums.


Letting the side down with my mere geraniums


Only on the Côte d’Azur

Campers turn up in ever more expensive vehicles in this newfangled world of on-site spas, full-on water parks and multi storey Safari tents. But only at St Tropez would you expect to see a Ferrari in a bag parked outside next door’s mobile.


Those tailor made wing mirror pockets must make it a bugger to get on and off.

He could have bought a camper and gone on holiday for five years on that sort of money.

More retro camping

Holiday Marina on the Côte d’Azur marked a 20-year milestone this season with live music on site from 70s soul greats Hot Chocolate.

Owners Phil and Moyna Fowles bought the site back in 1997 when the previous management went out of business. Hard work and heavy investment have transformed it into a luxury 5* campsite featuring a poolside restaurant, cocktail bar and spa.


Holiday Marina back in days of yore. Barely recognisable!