Festive roundup

Nice to see couriers across the programme keeping up the tradition of baffling the foreigners by mounting full on Christmas celebrations in the middle of a June heatwave.

A few people managed trees, with Beach Garden going for a modern minimalist look (baubles by M&S for added class), gwhile Dol stuck to the traditional pine tree with fairy lights combo.


Newfangled avant garde treeage by IKEA …..


….. vs traditional pine tree and coloured fairy lights.

Sirene wins a prize for sophisticated table decor, though Newsblog is prepared to bet on the civilised vibe having gone for a burton in fairly short order once the beers were opened.


Fancy table decoration at Sirene

What Beach Garden’s rather more rustic approach lacked in sophistication it more than made up for in conviviality, with couriers of several nationalities bonding in mutual bafflement over exactly what a Yorkshire pudding is actually for.


Bonhomie at Beach Garden. Rubbish carafes though, must try harder with the glassware.

No complaints about dinner though, with the sprouts in particular receiving top marks. Let’s face it, we’ve all been through the horror that is a mushy sprout on Christmas day. Good to see the tradition of massive over-catering religiously observed as well, with enough leftovers to keep the entire courier community in chicken sangers and bubble ´n’ squeak for a fortnight.


Home cooked yorkshire puds and perfect sprouts, winner.

So that’s it once again until next year. Back to scrubbing those toilets!