Ageing hippy in Switzerland

Happy birthday this week to former Vieux Port courier Keir Murphy-Anderson, seen here celebrating with a day off and a small beer.


Oh come on, push the boat out – have a large one.

Keir left his west coast colleagues to fend for themselves and joined the Area 3 demo team, a decision he may regret if it gets any colder up here in the hills.

HB Keir!


Getting high on demo

Yes, we know this isn’t the quickest or easiest way to Interlaken from Chalain. But it’s the most fun, which is what counts.


On top of the world!

It could be said that shorts and flipflops are unusual attire for the altitude, but as Keir pointed out, the Victorians used to do this sort of thing in long skirts, and it didn’t seem to do them any harm.

Order from chaos

Big changes this week in the Argeles store, which has been transformed from a total bombsite into something beginning to look like an organised campsite store.

The process took four volunteers, four tip runs, three charity van collections and two deliveries to sites before there was light at the end of the tunnel.

Thanks to Sirene staff Alex Piper and Dave Perry, Valmarie courier Dom Bale and general floating dogsbody Will Clarke – nice job!


Dom tries to move five double beds at once


That’s more like it


Fridge, anyone?

Scandalous dognapping incident at Argeles

The AM3 demo team nearly took the traditional van mascot to another level with an actual live dog rather than our usual Kinder Egg toys and customer find stuffed bears.

This little cutie made the mistake of straying around the Argeles store for three days, and spent a night entertaining the courier team in Sirene before your Newsblog correspondent managed to reunite her with her proper humans courtesy of the local vet and the ID chip in her neck.


Will and his new friend

Bit of a loss for the demo team, but good news for Marine (as she turned out to be called) and her family.