Birthday surprise!

Clarys courier Amber Wing was looking forward to celebrating her 21st birthday by cleaning a few mobiles, followed by greeting the odd arrival in the afternoon.

But the family had other ideas, and booked a sneaky surprise weekend on site, getting in under the radar by going with Eurocamp.



Mum, Dad, Nan and sisters all rolled up first thing in the morning having driven overnight from home in the south of England – far too early to get into their mobile, but does this really matter when the bar’s open?


Hmmm …. can this be called correct uniform?

HB Amber!


Happy Birthday!

Spies in the office tell Newsblog that today is maintenance manager James Gibson’s birthday. We have to hope he’s finding time to enjoy it in amongst the logistical challenge of overseeing all the programme’s mobile home and deck installations.


HB James! Not to mention bon courage.

Ageing hippy in Switzerland

Happy birthday this week to former Vieux Port courier Keir Murphy-Anderson, seen here celebrating with a day off and a small beer.


Oh come on, push the boat out – have a large one.

Keir left his west coast colleagues to fend for themselves and joined the Area 3 demo team, a decision he may regret if it gets any colder up here in the hills.

HB Keir!

Happy birthday! #3

HBBonne anniversaire en français today to James at Vieux Port, in recognition of his impressive perseverance in learning French. Has to be the only courier in the programme who finishes a hard day’s cleaning and then settles down for an exciting evening with a few verb tables. Getting plenty of practice in the lingo over there this season with their 50+ Tohapi arrivals every Saturday.

HB James!


Camping 70s style

Courier accommodation isn’t the only thing which has moved on over the past half a century. Who’d recognise Camping La Sirène at Argeles from this photo?


Old skool at Argeles

Big changes since 1967 when site owner Eric Carletti decided to pack in his electrical goods business and buy a two star campsite instead. Sirène celebrates its 50th anniversary this season – check out their Facebook page for more retro camping pix.