Luxury accommodation

Staff live accommodation continues to move on from the old school tent behind the rubbish bins experience we were all used to in the olden days.

Here we have the new and improved pad at La Baume on the Cote d’Azur, complete with private deck, fencing and ensuite gazebo. Ritzy.


Newsblog hears as yet unconfirmed rumours that Sirene’s infamous gravel pit has received a facelift over the winter as well, but photographic evidence has not as yet been forthcoming – watch this space!


You’re going to need a bigger van ….

The answer to the question ‘how big is your van?’ is always ‘not big enough’.

Paradoxically, the answer to the question ‘will it fit in the van?’ is always ‘yes’.

Nobody is quite sure how this works.


Room for three double beds and a fridge, what are you talking about.

The Final Peg


final peg

Last one …………….. now, how many weeks until demo?


Montage officially finished last week with the final peg going in on Gigny at about 15:00 on Friday June 16th. Ridiculously late, you may think, and you wouldn’t be wrong either, but I’m taking the view that it’s an improvement on last season and therefore a good thing. Of course, it would have finished somewhat earlier had my montage team recognised the difference between a roof frame and a gazebo, but there you go, just can’t get the staff these days.

Still, we beat the mobile home installation programme, with the final one of these going in on Baume just the other day, and gas testing scheduled for the middle of the week. Jason’s installation team are still on it, with skirts going onto the new mobiles at Gigny over the next few days. All of which means everything should be up and running for high season. Just. Phew!