Order from chaos

Big changes this week in the Argeles store, which has been transformed from a total bombsite into something beginning to look like an organised campsite store.

The process took four volunteers, four tip runs, three charity van collections and two deliveries to sites before there was light at the end of the tunnel.

Thanks to Sirene staff Alex Piper and Dave Perry, Valmarie courier Dom Bale and general floating dogsbody Will Clarke – nice job!


Dom tries to move five double beds at once


That’s more like it


Fridge, anyone?


Not the Tour de France

On-site transport is one thing which hasn’t moved on all that much since your Newsblog correspondent first got entangled in the whacky world of camping, back in the jurassic era.

It’s true that modern courier bikes come in fancy colours and boast needless fripperies like gears and actual brake pads, but when you come down to basics it’s still old-fashioned pedal power.


New steeds for the Argeles ladies. No leaving them outside the tapas bar, mind.


Fires close the motorway at Argeles

Forest fires close to Argeles shut the main A9 motorway from Perpignan down to Spain yesterday while firefighters tackled the blaze.

The fire started late in the afternoon, and by midnight had destroyed around 150 hectares or forest. Around 300 firefighters from as far afield as Narbonne and northern Spain were drafted in to fight the fire, which continued overnight.

The motorway reopened in the early hours of the morning, but firefighters remain at the scene.


Forest fires rage near Argeles