Month: August 2017

New for 2018!

We are delighted to announce the roll-out across the programme of our new ensuite llama service, on trial this season at Château de Boisson in the Ardeche.


Don’t shout, they’ll all want one

Llamas will be a bookable extra on certain sites, and supply will be limited, so customers are advised to book well in advance in order to avoid disappointment.

Future seasons could see the service extended to include armadillos, capybaras and the occasional aardvark, while sites with In2Action will offer komodo dragons and velociraptors during high season.


Mobile home installers needed!


Left a bit …… right a bit ……

Lots of you have seen new mobiles arrive on site this season, part of a rolling replacement programme designed to improve our stock across the board.

More of the same for next year means mobile home manager James Gibson is looking for people keen to get involved with uninstalling our old mobiles and putting new ones in place ready for next season.

Kevin and the team will start pulling mobiles off site and dismantling decks early in September, and installation will go on throughout the winter.

Job requirements are:

  • Physical fitness (heavy lifting and crawling about under mobiles)
  • Full driving licence (maintenance/montage type vans)
  • Practical experience and familiarity with tools
mobile plumber

Glamorous stuff.

Contracts will start in September and run at least until Christmas, depending on availability. Installers can expect to work a five or six day week.

Anyone interested should contact their Area Manager in the first instance for further détails.

Summer sunshine … ??

Exciting times over on the Adriatic this week, when a violent storm hit the Venice strip, taking out trees, cars and mobile homes.

Marina di Venezia lost two tents, and the live unit on Union Lido is looking somewhat wonky, to say the least.

Site staff, couriers and maintenance have been working round the clock to fix the damage and clear up the mess, while Alison mans the phones in the office in a bid to rehouse the homeless and send imminent arrivals elsewhere.

Just what we all need in the middle of August!


Union Lido …. think it might need re-levelling.

IMG_3695 (003)

I want to complain about the Ents in my accommodation please ….

Area Supervisor Gail Fox had to eat her words following an earlier comment about being glad to see a bit of storm coming in to take the edge off the heat. Careful what you wish for there!

Return of the prodigal

Lois 1Huge welcome back to the office to the lovely Lois, beavering away in R&W once more after maternity leave following the birth of her second sproglet. Ruan joins big sister Livia and dad Gavin to bring the McPhillips family up to a traditional four.

Lois has already been back in the fray for nearly a month, working with Jim and Alison to recruit new staff, hold the fort on weekends, and answer your many and varied questions regarding the weird and wonderful world of camping.

Missed you, Lois!

Catch the pigeon

Linen Queen and office birdwatcher Imogen Lansley snapped this picture of a family of pigeons nesting in a tree in the head office back garden.


Pigeon happy families, cute.

Imo maintains that she dislikes pigeons, but Newsblog sees no justification for this kind of avian prejudice. What do you want in Dunfermline, albatrosses?

Romance on the decking

Plans for a romantic ceremony in an idyllic Mediterranean setting almost fell apart for Canvas customers Steve and Aimee when they were refused permission to hold a blessing for their marriage at Marseillan Plage.

The couple married in secret in New Zealand, but planned to surprise friends and family by revealing the good news and holding a service on the beach.

Seems the French are a bit stuffy about these things, though – first they struggled to find someone to officiate, and then at the last minute they found they couldn’t use the beach after all.

But Beach Garden’s couriers saved the day, setting up an impromtu venue on the decking of one of the site’s new Moda mobile homes.

Aimee & Steve 30.6.17 Marseillan Plage07

Romance is not dead after all

Aimee & Steve 30.6.17 Marseillan Plage46

Confetti for the happy couple

Expect next season’s courier training to include wedding planning and Elvis impersonation.

Happy holidaymakers

We don’t seem to have had many customer reviews this season, so it’s always nice to see a bit of informal feedback from guests on site.

Judging by the collection of thank-you notes on the board in reception at Ferme de la Serraz, Louise and Renato are managing to get it right for both Canvas and Tohapi customers, not always an easy feat.


Nice of you all to say so!

Nice job!